We take a holistic approach to each recruitment and will work with you on your personal development to ensure your success,  smooth running projects and, happy clients.  

Language and Customs

English will be the language of choice for working with us and the projects. You will get by in daily life with English as well, but some basic knowledge of the German language and customs will be very useful. Like every other country, there are things that German do and don't do. Therefore we will arrange in-house language courses and coaching. 

Team work and communication

Your specialist's qualifications are not the only crucial factor when it comes to your professional career: Soft skills are also becoming increasingly important. These include first impressions, appropriate manners and good communication skills. We will help you developing your soft skills and will work with you to get a better understanding about working in multi cultural teams and across borders and time zones.

Development and Project Management Tools

Depending on your specialisation you are very familiar with development tools like Android Studio or Xcode and today's technology. Most likely you have worked with Scrum, are familiar with Agile and have been sitting through Sprint meetings for a while before joining us. When you will join us, we will help you filling the gaps, if any.

Mobile App Development

At C2Call we have been developing mobile apps, mostly VoIP, Video, Conferencing and Multimedia Chat Services for mobile devices (Apple iOS and Android) since iOS and Android became available. We will train you advanced mobile app development. Usually, you will first work with us at headquarters on projects that we develop using our Social Communication SDK before we will send you out to clients to work on projects. 
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